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Tulie's Garden by Matt Sloane
By KO on 12.18.11.


TULIE'S GARDEN by Matt Sloane


TULIE'S GARDEN  by Matt Sloane, a former student of mine at Eastern Junior High (that dates both of us) is a rare little treasure that is a record of Matt's personal journey into the richness of his inner world and the process of exploring to find out what was true about who he is.  Here's a direct quote from Matt as to why he wrote--- and gorgeously illustrated --- this book:  "The more we let out what's going on inside, the more we see how we're all experiencing and feeling the same things.  And once we realize that we're the same as everyone around us, it's hard to feel alone or ashamed and easier to feel connected and happy with who we are."  This book, published by Playgrounding Press in Los Angeles, would be a significant gift for both the giver (who could read it first!) and the recipient.



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